Magic Under Glass

An original musical born in Columbia, Maryland

This musical, based on the book by Jaclyn Dolamore, came into being in the summer of 2016.

The script was written by award-winning screenwriter Sean Paul Murphy with music composed by Michael Kline. Under the artistic direction of Toby Orenstein and Jessica Binder, Magic Under Glass was brought to life in 2016 at Reservoir High School Theater in Fulton, MD. With a cast of incredible young performers from Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts, the show has brought audiences to their feet since the very beginning.

Since that first summer, this musical has grown incredibly. During the summer of 2017, a one-day-only concert version came to Howard Community College. With minimal sets and costumes, and an emphasis on the music, the concert was a huge success.

A year later, with the continued help of Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts, Magic Under Glass came back to Howard Community College in August of 2018. With a new, re-vamped script, updated music, new choreography, and vibrant costumes, the production has never been better.

During 2018’s summer production, LATV sent a film crew out to Maryland to record the behind-the-scenes journey of Magic Under Glass. The footage they captured is being produced into a mini TV series to be broadcasted by LATV on October 31, 2018 at 9pm EST.

This amazing fantasy rock musical is a production you won’t soon forget. For more information, please visit the official Magic Under Glass Website.

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Production Details

Based on the novel by: Jacyln Dolamore

Script Adaptation by: Jaclyn Dolamore, Michael Francis Kline, and Sean Paul Murphy

Script Consultant: Toby Orenstein

Additional Script Consultants: Cassie Guidry, Austin Kline, and Jessica Binder

Costumes by: Kristen Clark & Lee Andersen



When wealthy sorcerer Hollin Parry hires young Nimira to perform with a handsome piano playing automaton called Erris. Nimira believes this is her ticket to a better life. But Parry’s estate is not the flittering world she expects.

When she discovers something stirring beneath Erris’ realistically crafted features, she awakens him from the spell that trapped him in clockwork form. She is then determined to see her beloved fairy prince restored to his flesh-and-body self…and perhaps the fairy throne. But in their search for a spell to aid their cause, they must journey into the heart of civil war between humans and fairies. Nimira must confront an impossible truth: that the only way to free the man she loves it to face treacherous enemies head on.

Fairies, sorcerers, and star-crossed lovers on a captivating happily-ever-after quest that will satisfy the hopeless romantic in all of us.