Support a Child


      CCTA is a non-profit children’s theatre school founded by Toby Orenstein in 1972. Toby believes that if you can reach a child at a young age—while their mental and physical skills are still developing—you can steer them away from anti-social behaviors, help them develop coping skills, and help build higher self-esteem, transforming their lives and enriching the community.  Your gift of giving is the reason we continue achieving our mission of building young peoples’ confidence and opening their eyes to the possibilities of a life through the arts regardless of gender, race, religion, ability, age, or socioeconomic status.  Our goal for 2019 is to expand our services to reach more children with our Special Needs and our Youth Outreach programming.  We have currently been asked to extend our after school programs to Title 1 schools here in Howard County, which service children that are at risk or of low income.  We are looking forward to this expansion and continue expansion of our services in Baltimore County.

Artistic Level Supporter:  Supporter of Outreach programs

Benefits:  Advertisement in all our Programs, listed on our website, 4 complimentary tickets to every show

Directors Level Supporter:  Supporter of Outreach programs

Benefits:  Listed on our website as a donor, 2 complimentary tickets to any show of your choice

CCTA’s Special Needs Program and Youth Outreach programs provide necessary support to the youth in our area that are at risk or from low income households.  We provide free programming taking the after school program or camp to their schools.

The Scholarship program was developed so that every child has an opportunity to participate in any of our programs, classes, and camps regardless of income.  We do not want income to be a barrier for any family and wish to help support any child wishing to participate.

We believe theatre should be accessible to anyone that desires to grow and experience a life in the arts.