Magic Under Glass Auditions

Want a chance to be on TV or go to Broadway?

Come join NEW WORKS for Young Artists in a brand new production of Magic Under Glass, based on the novel by Jaclyn Dolamore and music written by professional, local musician Michael Kline.

This year, we are bringing in a new script, updated music, and a new addition to our creative team: Feature Executive Music Producer, Allan Mason for tv and film.   Toby Orenstein is the Producer & Artistic Director along with Jessica Binder.

LATV will be filming a behind the scenes series for a TV special with possible workshops in New York, and future engagements

Ages 16 -24 



Rm HPVA 155, Smith Theatre Bldg, Howard Community College

Please sign up here for an audition

Rehearsal Dates:  July 9 – August 5 @ 4:30-8:30 pm rehearsal based schedule

Performance Dates:  August 3, 4, 5

“We as a network, believe in “Magic Under Glass” and in the mission of the Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts, to educate and inspire through musical theater.  A love story where the heroin, as a foreigner, rises above prejudice by facing her fears and following her heart set to passionate memorable songs is the type of positive content we’re enthused to air.

I look forward to working with your creative team.
Greg Tully, Director of Syndication

LATV, Los Angels, CA/New York, NY

*Any travel will be at the expense of the performer